Chinese import and export report of November. Export of next year may be much better.
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The date General Administration of Customs released on 12.8 shows:
In November
Chinese imports rose 13% (in RMB) from a year earlier, expected value is 3.6%, the former value is 3.2%.
Chinese exports rose 5.9% (in RMB) from a year earlier, expected value is -1%, the former value is -3.2%.
Chinese trade balance is 298.1 billion (in RMB), expected value is 320 billion, the former value is 325.2 billion 

Analysts said, in November, Chinese import and export trade date is great. Both devaluation of RMB and foreign holidays coming are reasons make exports rose sharply.

Following is the official interpretation of the General Administration of Customers about the first 11 months’ Import and export date:
1. Imports and exports of Ordinary trade increase slightly and get higher proportion, imports and exports of processing trade decreased.
2. Imports and exports to EU, ASEAN and Japan increased, to the USA decreased.
3. Imports and exports of private enterprises increased, so did the proportion.
4. Imports and exports of mechanical & electrical products and some labor-intensive products like clothes decreased.
5. Imports of iron ore, crude oil, coal and other bulk stock increased with lower price.
6. In November, Chinese export guide index rose.

Following data is worth our attention:
In the first 11 months, export value of processing trade is 4.32 trillion RMB, fall 5.2%, 33.9% of total exports value. Import value of processing trade is 2.34 trillion RMB, fall 6.7%, 25% of total import value.

In the same time, exports value of mechanical & electrical products are 7.18 trillion, fall 1.8%, 57.6% of total exports value. Including electrical and electronic products fall 0.5%, machinery and equipment fall 0.3%.

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